An Ode to Indian Monsoon

Monsoon - Pune


You announce your arrival with a thunder

Your absence makes us wonder

Tease you do, with a nation’s mind

Arriving late with your moist wind


You make us smell fragrance of Earth

A drop of you makes us mirth

You make us see colours of Earth

Of sky you give us rainbow


You reveal a beauty in darkness

To a people behind fairness

Red, black or rock

You give us all without a balk (adapted from Kurunthogai)


From sizzling to drizzling

From ablaze to abloom

From air conditioned to Conditioned air

From sticky to sublime

From the summer roast,

You save us rain.


Life and relief,

Joy and greed

To farmer and Finance Minister,

To trader and Dalal street

You give them all – all

They need and all they want.


A drop of you quenches one

More of you quenches many

And even more of you,

God save us, crushes most.


You teach us, of nature’s lesson

You make us, to learn

That is of inequality

O You biased rain!

Like all things in India

More to Mumbai and less to Chennai!


June to September – or

October to December,

South-west or North-east

All thank you, dear Monsoon


There is life because of you,

Never a life, without you

The greatness of ‘You’ – demonstrates

Insignificance of ‘I’!

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