Juvenility of #DravidaNadu


Hours after Indian Government banned (or someone would like to believe it as regulated) beef, there was a topic discussed – #DravidaNadu.

As I began to write this, I was torn, not because of the love I have towards India nor the love I may or may not have to the concept of Dravidanadu but to what word should I use to describe this? Should it be a dream or pipe dream or puerile or chimera or delusion? It took a lot of time to settle on Juvenile.

Below are my reasons as to why this is juvenile:

  1. That any concept has to be worth in itself. In this case, it was reactionary. That someone bans beef, becomes the cause of separatism is at best juvenile. Most of the Hindus will support this ban now.
  2. That we have seen ‘not India’ country, our neighbour Pakistan, become one hell hole. ‘That I am not someone’ is not my identity. What I am should be my identity. Dravida is not certainly one of them. Tamil, yes.
  3. That proposed Dravidanadu is as different or as similar to the present union of India because:
    • Take two of the most vociferous proponents of Dravidanadu – one from Tamil Nadu and one from Karnataka. Put them in a room and ask them to come out with a solution agreeable to them for Cauvery. Remember, there are no courts in this exercise. Just two fellow Dravidians. This experiment alone is sufficient to break this so called geographical construct.
    • Let us do the same exercise for present day Andhra and Telegana dravidas to resolve Hyderabad and how to settle the properties and valuations.

Thus, what is being proposed in only another set of sub-issues than the larger issues we have with the Indian union.

  1. That India cannot roll its tank in Tamil Nadu like it does in Kashmir is true but it is equally true that trending a hashtag in Twitter doesn’t bring one independence. It is one thing to sit in AC rooms and tweet 140 characters but its completely another to get on street, spend time in jail or being killed when you become a separatist. I can bet most of these warriors do not have the mettle for the latter.
  2. That there are no tall leaders in each state is another impediment for any kind of movement on this. Leaders like Periyar or Anna couldn’t do this. Do we have comparable leaders to mobilize opinion now? Let me retract this now, because in every movement leaders will be made but nevertheless, the point remains.
  3. That the present generation wants comfort and good life and hence will not go against the larger construct of stability is another.
  4. That most of its proponents are either arrogant or bully or both doesn’t help to spread the word or spread the cause is another.
  5. That one cannot put up legitimate protest against the Indian union for its discriminatory practices show the lack of courage. And to expect a separate country by this lot is foolish.
  6. That one has not made the ground fertile for the idea (any idea) to be received but expect it to fruit is laziness and incompetency of people who are proposing this now. It is better to stick with the idea for which thousands died than go with these lazy lot.

Though we can dismiss the concept at this stage, grievances against India or cowbelt or Hindia remain. I had explained those in detail before.

Not withstanding the juvenility of Dravidanadu now, India has to address core issues which form the basis of this extreme idea.

In the history of the world, nothing is impossible. And no one is an underdog.

Over to Government of India.

2 thoughts on “Juvenility of #DravidaNadu

  1. Missed the point of this article completely. I don’t think there is a separatist movement yet at all. More like a lot of furious people who think there should be. This anger against the center was seen during the jallikattu ban as well. It is escalating, mostly because “Hindia” is now encroaching. What you appear to have missed is the readiness to voice opinion against the state. This is how movements form. With enough pissed people finding each other to agree with. This is definitely a warning sign and an indication that the center imposes its ideals on people irrelevant to those ideals. Whether a separatist movement can be successful or not is a far off question and ideally one a healthy state should not need to face if citizens feel represented in their own country. What we have happening right now is yet another category of people believing that their government is not acting in their interest.

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