First Showers

Sear Earth, shrivelling flora

Dry lands, withering leaves

Arid terra, burning chaff

Dusty ground and remaining trees.


Playful children, bawling parents

Noisy brats, ranting neighbours

New larks, night owls

Sweaty me and sweaty you.


Squeezed full sweetened lime

Scooped out tender coconut

Mussing away cotton candy

Sucking greed ice gola.


Dry lakes, empty ponds

Sterile river, empty streams

Drier pots, empty tanks

Gazing up sunny sky


Blistering air turn

Balmy wind

Blows a fortnight to

Joke our mind.


Cloud beckons, we

Run to stare

Cirrus clouds

Disheartened men


The wait extends

Weatherman enters

News arrives

Of faraway rain.


Days prolong,

Hours stay, with

Covetous greed, we

Await rain.


Blue skies

Turn gentle grey

A warrior gallops

In chariot of clouds


Black it is

Black it is

Fairness loving crowd

Loves black for a while


Drizzle floats

Grins on face, we

Eye up each other with

Beaming smile


Clouds burst

Lightning blinds

Thunder deafens, and

Rain pours.


Sound of rain

Smell of earth

Sight of green

Showers land


Sound of rain

Smell of earth

Sight of green

Showers land, finally!

Monsoon begins.

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