Call Taxis and Child Locks

Almost all cars come with Child Locks in India. And certainly all models of call taxis plying in India have Child Locks. The aim of this lock is to avoid kids in passenger seats open doors from inside. Most of us know this.

Yesterday, I was too tired to drive and hence hailed an Uber to go to a nearby place. The cab came and as usual we got in and drove to the destination. Upon arrival, when I tried to open it, I was unable to open it. Having been in and out of garages for few years, I thought it could be because of child lock. Hence, I lowered the rear window glass and rightly, it opened it from outside.

Many of us hail cabs these days and if you are in such a situation, do not panic. Here is a pictorial guide on how to do that.

In the below image, it can been seen that the word LOCK is written with an arrow. Also, a small switch like button, in this case in white is also seen. The direction of arrow represents, if the button is on that side, child lock is on and you can only open it from outside. As can be seen this model is not so easy to see in nights or without much of trouble. Many other models have different signs but concept remains the same – button on one side or the other. (click on the images to see bigger images)

Left Rear – Unlocked State


Right Rear – Unlocked State





Use below URL to see for different models.….0…1.1.64.psy-ab..

Once the car is locked like this, you cannot open from inside. See below.

Cannot Open


If this is the case, DONT PANIC. Just open it from outside like this:



If you are traveling alone, pay attention to this switch before you board the vehicle. At the maximum, it will take 10-15 seconds initially and over a period of time it will become a habit which will involuntarily tell us either locked or unlocked. It can be a genuine miss from the driver or in a very rare case, deliberate act.

Before yesterday, even I have never noticed this and hence the surprise.

As they say, “prevention is better.”



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