I blame Nehru


I think I have changed. I think we, in India, are in deep shit because of Nehru. It is not just just fashionable but intellectually important to blame Nehru for all his pitfalls. Who else can we blame for our sufferings but Nehru?

I blame Nehru because he supported universal adult suffrage. If not for him, lots of bigots wouldn’t have got the right to vote and elect a Fascist.

I blame Nehru for annexing Kashmir with India whereas Patel was happy in ceding it to Pakistan. Why should we have the trouble of Kashmir when it could have gone to Pakistan lock, stock and barrel?

I blame Nehru for remembering ‘consent of the governed’ and promising plebiscite to Kashmiris but standing firm in demanding that Pakistan return our land.

I blame Nehru for giving women right to vote when RSS’s Organiser wrote Nehru will “live to regret the failure of universal adult franchise in India.”

I blame Nehru for practicing ‘real’ Yoga all his life and not promoting it by wiping artificial sweat with tri-colour and remaining a real Yogi.

I blame Nehru for not fixing judiciary and pressurising judges to pronounce Savarkar as a criminal and convict in Mahatma’s assassination.

I blame Nehru for writing books from jail and not apology letters.

I blame Nehru for inducting SP Mokherjee in his cabinet in spite of his bigoted views and allowing him to spread that bigotry.

I blame Nehru for not banning RSS when he could have done it because afterall, he is affecting us 50 years later. The all powerful man didn’t do what a dictator would have done.

I blame Nehru for being childish and naïve about Indian Fascists, aka, RSS when he very much identified the issue by saying “We have a great deal of evidence to show that the RSS is an organisation which is in the nature of a private army and which is definitely proceeding on the strictest Nazi lines, even following the technique of organisation.” Maybe he didn’t because he believed in rule of law and judiciary.

I blame Nehru for putting up with arms training of Indian Fascists when he could have stopped it but didn’t do.

I blame Nehru for not giving into Jinnah’s demand of proportional representation for Muslims in central legislature when he upheld India’s plurality.

I blame Nehru because, in spite of being a Pandit, he appointed Ambedkar and gave us equal rights and tried to make good historical injustice to backward classes of India.

I blame Nehru for giving us Atomic energy without which, we couldn’t have been nuclear in 1974 at Pokhran. Oh, the story that you heard about 1998, was a second run 24 years later.

I blame Nehru for making India a democratic republic under civilian authority rather than a military dictatorship. Not to take away from countless generals, admirals and air marshals, but hey, I will blame Nehru.

I blame Nehru for not taking up the non-existent UN Security Council Permanent Seat which was offered to China.

I blame Nehru for recognising Israel in 1950 when he could have just avoided it but didn’t because it was, in his own words “facts.”

I blame Nehru for establishing INCOSPAR (go figure what that is) that would give a Fascist to claim credit for a Mars mission.

I blame Nehru for believing that linguistic states are threat to Indian Nationalism and later realising that it was the real meaning of ‘unity in diversity’ that Golwalkar opposed.

I blame Nehru for waging a war against Portuguese to get us Goa so that I can drink good beer admiring the sun set across the Arabian Sea.

I blame Nehru for including English in curriculum so that my NRI friends can blame him in eloquent English after studying in English Medium schools funded by quasi-socialist government and hypocritically opposing socialism.

I blame Nehru for standing up for India whereas he could have chosen to be a Russian vassal state or of US’s with an ‘old symphony in town’; for, he was courageous to write on Stalin’s death, “Some of them describe him as frank and even gentle person. Others describe him as hard and ruthless, and maybe he had all these feature in him.”

I blame Nehru for having friends who happened to be of female gender; for, today’s Fascists cannot befriend even one.

I blame Nehru for not awarding himself Bharat Ratna (as is popularly believed) but to reluctantly accept because the President of India had conferred an honour upon him. And I blame him for accepting it along with Visvesvaraya because it matched their scientific approach to industrialisation of India.

I blame Nehru for pushing a backward India towards Science when, even before independence he said “I do not think it is possible for India to be really independent unless she is a technically advanced country, and I am not thinking for the moment in terms of just armies, but rather of scientific growth.” Oh, I blame him for not promoting gomutra and gobar.

I blame Nehru because the author of Pakistan’s National Anthem had to concede “You people have had a long ride feeling superior to us because you were lucky to have Nehru.”

I blame Nehru for setting up such a high standard and making us learned Indians expect that from subsequent leaders.

The list is endless. I can keep on blaming Nehru. And we should. Because how else will we find solutions to our perils of this year and this decade if not blame Nehru.

Oh dear Nehru, I blame you for being what you were, being what you are; for you are not lost on the conscience of Indians.

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